Saturday, 9 September 2017

Press hard, something has to give!

Attitude determines your altitude! Self belief is the most essential characteristic to succeed.

By Lindiwe Sibanyoni

The tears of sorrow are nothing compared to the tears of joy.
Being in and out of misery is the greatest experience than not being there at all! 
I've seen better days and mostly worst days but I'm not defined by worst days. I'm driven by strength, hope and confidence.

I was once attacked by terror, yes an extreme terrible terror, but then I escaped because terror is not a permanent situation in ones life. I don't feed negativity because then it will be fit enough to compete with me!
I go by the name of power, you know why? Because I believe i can turn tables into mountains. 
Wiping my own tears have been recognised as a sign of weakness by others; but to me, it's powerfulness.

Wait, did i mention how rude i react towards maliciousness? 
Sounds rude right? I was caught up in the middle of global warming until I found global cooling! Then i was moved by a global mission to global media!
And finally, you can call me a global girl! 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Yes Yes Yes

I was born for a purpose. I want to empower other young women out here on how to voice out their fears. Yes it will seem impossible until it's done.

I have come to realise that young women are facing challenges which are bigger than their dreams/goals. I want to be an inspiration and a life changer in someone's life...

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Enough is enough