Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Monster in truth

Reality is the monster for all
                     Art piece: Angie    

By Lindiwe Sibanyoni

This art was created by Angie, she was given a lifetime by an underground artist by the name of Jay One all the way from Zimbabwe. Not only he's an artist but a poet too! Who thought his time had arrived at the young age. Little did he know that the game was a lot bigger than he thought he knew.

In high school he was sitting one day in a maths class, and then the maths teacher asked every student a question: "what do you want to be when you grow up?"and many people answered: nurses, police. But he was quite different from others and he said 'I want to be a superstar, people should see me on television or any other media platforms.' And with God's favour, after writing writing his final matric exams he was seen on televisions and also radios.

As we know that money attracts or rather makes money makes the world go round... Well on this case he had a lots of money, he got it through fame, music and the good shows that paid him well. They provided him with drugs, ladies and liquor. When he got deep into the game, his trappers got him on the hook and he had no where to go, but to listen to their commands. And he denied. That's when he found himself on his way down. As we can see on the picture that  there's a scorpion - meaning that some people that you trust and expect they should be supportive, are the ones that sting in your life or shall I say in reality.

Then the snakes in your life are the closest friends or people - they are always hiding under the green grass. They only lifts their heads up when they spit Vernon to hurt you and they don't care about you. It's funny how the world is greedy and people are only concerned about themselves, people only loves you when you achieve your goals but then again pray for your downfalls. That's when you realise that you are left alone and it will be too late for you to change, therefore the world pushes to hide yourself, gives you pressure from your dreams because you have been bitten and stung and you end up not knowing where to go. So you pray to the Lord and ask for help and by then, the Lord's answers will be late for your goals.

Now let's get to the fox situation you're seeing on this art piece. Now the fox is basically the witch, the karma or rather a rubber band...because when a rubber or elastic band stretches to its maximum, it either breaks or comes back. And when it breaks, the half goes forward and the other half comes back; when it comes back it's called 'Karma' (what goes around comes around).

Now in conclusion, while he was  on his downfalls, no one offered help nor could even gve him advices on which step to take from there. Things became hard for him in a way that he ended up as a cleaner. So basically this art is all about an upcoming album. So, my advice to people, and I mean everywhere around the country; never look down on others simply because of your powers!

Check out some creativity on the following links: www.youtube.ndakamic2009.com

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